Why CANVA Is An Important Tool For Entrepreneurs

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Who founded Canva?

Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht, and CEO Melaine Perkins now lead one of the most valuable start-ups from Australia.

What is Canva?

Canva helps us to create custom graphics easily. it is easily done by phone, laptop, computer, etc., it helps us to design them attractively, we can also use designs for presentations, brochures, business cards, Instagram posts, business cards, Gift certificate, Resumes, event Invitation, menu, etc

Of all the graphic design-type platforms, Canva is, perhaps, the most important tool for entrepreneurs. It’s easily my favorite. And I promise you this isn’t a sponsored blog or anything. I just want you to crush your business — and Canva is essential.

When you don’t have the budget, hiring an agency (as your graphic artist team ) is quite expensive. Even jumping on outsourcing sites (e.g., Fiverr, Upwork, etc.) can quickly add up.

Because of this, using Canva is just the way to go — whether you’re building your brand or already established.


What problem does canva solve?

The main purpose of the can is to enable the whole world to design differently, by providing graphic designs, templates, icons, images, etc as a service, functions of this are to provide design for people who are in need but don’t have access designers.

5 essential tools you need to know about

Colour wheel: It helps us to change the color in the design, choose the color option and multiple colors will be available, choose any one color and apply it, these can be applied to a range of elements say as text, backgrounds, shapes, icons, etc

Grids to layouts: This is a tool that acts as a frame for the images, it stretches the image across the whole design, and we can add multiple images together to crop images. these are also useful for enhancing the image with a unique filter

Use text holders: It helps us to move text around the image so that it is placed in the correct position to look attractive

Place an image in frames: Drag and drop your image into canvas frames to create a good theme, many types of frames are available on the canvas, which helps look an image in a creative manner

Layout: Canva is a multi-image grid, use these grids to create a visual narrative, or as a simple way to create.

Smart ways to use Canva for Social Media

Branded Images: Canva helps companies to look the brand image beautiful, whether you use the logo, social media handles, hashtags, etc

Instagram Stories: Nowadays everyone is interested to use social media and each one of us have an account, million people are using Instagram Stories every day, and people use canvas to attract their stories and post on social media for marketing purpose.

Facebook Cover photos: Facebook cover photo is the first and foremost thing that everyone sees when they click on your profile; these Facebook cover images give your audience a good impression about your brand to look attractive.

Worth it to Upgrade?
Bottom line: if you’re an entrepreneur and creating content all the time, I think upgrading from the free version of Canva to the paid is a no-brainer.

For example, I can’t even tell you how many stock images we go through a week at Team Johnson. Because of that, I upgraded our team to the paid version — which, I think, is less than $10 / month.


Good design makes your brand memorable

So, what makes a brand memorable? Good customer service and a good product certainly help, but what about beyond that, on purely a surface level? Of course, it’s designed.

Have you ever discussed a product or brand and said something along the lines of “I can’t remember the name of it but I can picture it”? Often we will remember some element of the material used in packaging or the coloring of the website, some sort of visual cue that we base our memories and experience off.

The design keeps content user-friendly

Let’s consider a homegrown example: Canva. Graphic design is a complex business, there are so many ins and outs and things to learn, tools to use, and elements to consider – it’s a tricky thing to understand for some people. The Canva tool, however, breaks this down with a clear interface design that organizes these complex elements in a simple way, makes choosing a format and size as easy as clicking a button, makes adding and organizing images and type a breeze, and essentially makes the whole design process a walk in the park.

Brand Kit

Who owns a business? If you’re one hell of an entrepreneur, your first goal is to make your product and brand memorable.

With the product, it’s all up to you how to perfect it. But, with the branding aspect, you’ll need to create a logo that’s eye-catching to your target market.

One that will make them quickly associate the logo with your brand and product line.

To ensure your brand’s memorable, keep consistency across your posts and designs. In short, you have to stick to a particular theme all the time.

Content Planner

Now, for our social media managers there, Canva cares so much about you as they’ve come up with the nifty Content planner tool.

Gone are the days when you need to use a third-party app to remind you when to post your designs on social media.

All you need to do now is tap on the Content Planner option on Canva’s home page and click the “+” icon to add a design you’d like to publish.

What’s more, you can create a new one on the spot and publish it immediately on the date you assigned it to. Impressive, right?


So, with all the things I mentioned above, do you think you now understand why everyone’s raving about Canva? Then what are you waiting for download Canva today and try it yourself.

Whether You Are Starting Out, Or Want To Go Next Level, The Collective Is For You.

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  1. Hi Priscilla,

    Very informative post! Canva is definitely a great and easy tool to use to create designs to utilize in your business. I enjoyed reading your 5 essential tools that will be a huge help for people who are just getting started with Canva and how to navigate certain elements.


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